Training and education overview

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Get familiar with key aspects of BHSD's training and educational opportunities.

Training requirements 

Logistics and accommodations

Continuing education

Training requirements

Besides the annual trainings listed below, your required training will depend on your position and which program you are in at your agency or clinic. Check with your manager or the County Contract Monitor to determine your required trainings. 

Required annual trainings 

  • Cultural competency and humility incorporating CLAS standards plus client culture training
  • Evidence-based practice 

Logistics and accommodations

Where do I register for training?

For 5150 and 5270 trainings, visit our 5150 certification training and exam and 5270 training site.

For all other trainings, go to sccLearn, the County's portal for managing your training journey. Note that not all trainings listed in sccLearn are offered every year. 

In sccLearn, you can:

  • find training
  • register or get on a waitlist for training
  • cancel your training registration 
  • access your training records

Get started with sccLearn to find your way around the portal.

Registration and cancellation deadlines
  • Register for a training at least two working days prior to the training date at 9:00 am.  
  • Cancel your registration for a training at least two working days before the training date at 9:00am.
AccommodationsIf you need an accommodation to attend one of our trainings, email [email protected] and specify the type of accommodation you need. When requesting American Sign Language interpreters, Language Services, Closed Captioning, or to use a Lactation room, we need at least four weeks of notice prior to the training date. 
Zoom links

Zoom links are sent 48 hours before the training. Look for emails from [email protected].

Don't be lateIf you are late to a training session you have registered for, your seat may be given to a walk-in when attendance is full. In this situation, you will not be able to attend the class so be sure to arrive at the training site on time.
Training materialsTraining handouts are sent 48 hours before the training. Look for emails from [email protected]. You can also visit our training page.
Concerns or grievances about the training programEmail us at [email protected]. 
No personal emailsWe are only able to send messages to your business email address that is on record with us.

Continuing education

To receive CE credit for a virtual training that occurs on Zoom, Teams or another app, you must:

  • Attend the entire duration of the training; 
  • Turn on your camera during the entire training, except during breaks;
  • Complete an online evaluation;
  • Complete post-test questions with a score of 80 percent or higher. 

To receive CE credit for in-person training, you must:

  • Attend the entire duration of the training; 
  • Sign in at the start of training;
  • Complete an evaluation and post-test questions;
  • Sign out at the conclusion of the training. 
Who is eligible to earn CE credits? LMFT, LCSW, LPCC, LEPs or CADAC.
Evaluation and post-test linkYou will receive the link towards the end of the training. Do not open the link until the end of the training.
Posttest scoreYour score will be indicated after you complete the post-test.   
A passing score is 80 percent or higher.
When to expect CE certificates and how to find them

CE certificates are issued two to three weeks after the training. 

To find them, follow these steps: 

  • Select "Training Transcript" to locate your training and find the training title with CE in the title. 
  • From the left side of your screen, select the Diploma icon. From here, you can print your continuing education certificate.
No partial creditsTo receive CE credits, you need to attend the entire duration of the training. For example, you can't get credit for attending two days of a three-day training session.