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Facility capacities

The Behavioral Health Service Department (BHSD) provides this dashboard to show the Bed Capacity (both “available” as well as “total” capacity) for the list of County Contracted Providers whose services involve either short term or longer term stays at the facilities.

How to make referrals

The majority of the facilities listed are under the purview of the 24-hour Care Unit within the Adult and Older Adult  (AOA) System in BHSD. The 24-hour Care Unit is a centralized program within the Inpatient and Residential Services Division that provides clinical assessment and authorization of placements for Santa Clara County adults (18 years and older) with severe mental Illness (SMI) and co-occurring disorders who are admitting and discharging from the State Hospitals, IMD’s, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Acute Hospitals, Adult Residential Treatment Programs, Board and Care homes, dedicated bed shelters, and substance use related treatment programs. 

The division provides continuous trainings to hospitals and community-based organizations on how to refer and access residential care beds for mental health and substance use related disorders. 

To inquire on residential care beds, the community or treatment providers may contact the 24-Hour Care Unit via Telephone: 408.885.7580, Fax: 408.885.2063, or email: [email protected] Monday through Friday 8am-5pm and after hours. 

To inquire about substance use related treatment programs, the community may contact the Gateway at 1.800.488.9919 or [email protected] Monday through Sunday, 24 hours a day.

Justice Partners making referrals for justice involved Individuals

Individuals who come in contact with the justice system, can be referred by the County’s Justice Partners (e.g., Office of the Public Defender/District Attorney, Adult Custody Health Services [ACHS], Probation Department, Parole Department, and Pretrial Services, etc.). Individuals are screened for mental health, substance use and co-occurring conditions. The Criminal Justice Services (CJS) referral form, allows for quick referrals to treatment programs. Once the referral form is completed, it can be uploaded into the designated CJS mailbox utilizing the [email protected]

Justice involved individuals can request to speak to a Behavioral Health clinician upon walking into the Reentry Resource Center located at 151 W. Mission St. San Jose, Ca 95110.  A screening is conducted to determine the appropriate level of care for treatment services. This includes screenings and referrals to Behavioral Health treatment programs when clinically appropriate and linkage to community resources such as housing, basic needs, clothing, etc., as needed. Upon completion of the screening, the Behavioral Health Staff located at the RRC will provide individuals with designated behavioral health provider’s referral information, including agency’s name, telephone number, and address. The Behavioral Health clinician also immediately notifies the behavioral health provider that the individual has been referred to treatment to ensures that coordination and a warm hand-off occurs prior to the individual’s arrival at the treatment provider’s facility. Occasionally, clinicians will conduct admissions into the Substance Outpatient Treatment Program located at the Reentry Center.