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Helping you navigate electronic health records

Electronic Health Records Division


Find the help you need

[email protected]

  • Questions regarding claims
  • Questions regarding 837/835/EOB

[email protected]

  • Status of credentialing application
  • Staff termination from a CCP
  • Performing practitioner not in Provider Credentialing report

[email protected]

  • Request corrections to PCNX forms
  • Refer to correction documents

[email protected]
(800) 704-0900

  • Unable to locate client in PCNX
  • Refer to correction document - Resolve missing MRNs  [[link here]]

[email protected]

  • Report duplicate MRNs to merge/delete
  • Refer to correction document for delete or merge multiple MRNs | PCE and PCNX [[link here]]

[email protected]

  • New staff PCNX login
  • Access to county network not working
  • Practitioner data validation

Contact TSS if you encounter these issues:

  • Unable to login to PCNX
  • System access errors

Avatar LIVE PCNX issues: Call 1-408-970-2222 to speak to a TSS rep and request Avatar LIVE user password reset.

Avatar UAT PCNX issues: Call 1-408-970-2222 to speak to a TSS rep or email [email protected] and request Avatar UAT user password reset.

For login and technical issues, refer to the support guides first. If issues persist, email TSS and include “HHS-BHS Triage” in the subject to ensure proper routing (e.g., HHS-BHS Triage: Login issues). 

TSS email cannot receive encrypted messages. Once a TSS team member replies back, then PHI information can be sent via an encrypted message to the TSS team member directly.

[email protected]

  • General PCE and PCNX inquiries

  • Issues that cannot be resolved by CCP or County

[email protected]

  • Moving offices
  • NPI and state code changes

[email protected]

  • Invoices
  • MH-91

If you are having login issues with Unicare, please contact the TSS Service Desk at (408) 970-2222 to speak to a live agent and request user password reset for network/Active Directory (AD). 

Your request will be ticketed, and you will receive a temporary password while you are on the call. Be sure to stay on the call with the live agent until you are able to log in and change your password.